Terms & Conditions

Each delegate participates at his own risk. The delegate is responsible for and shall indemnify ESMA vzw (the organiser) in respect of all claims (whether arising from personal injury or damage to property or otherwise).
The organisers will take such precautions as it may consider appropriate for the proper running of the event, but will not at any time be responsible for loss, or damage to, or safety of materials or other property of a  delegate or any other person under any circumstances.
All Exhibitors are advised to take out their own insurance against relevant risks.

The delegate agrees to indemnify  and hold harmless ESMA V.Z.W. against all claims, costs and charges of every kind resulting from their occupancy of the exhibit space or its environs, for personal injuries, death, property damages or any other damages sustained by the delegate or its officers, agents, employees or those for whom in law they are responsible, or ESMA V.Z.W. or another visitor to the event.

Delegate’s property:
All of the delegate’s property at the event shall be at the sole risk of the delegate. ESMA V.Z.W. assume no responsibility for loss or damage thereto.

The delegate is liable for any damage it may cause to the facility or to any property of ESMA V.Z.W. or any other Exhibitor.

Payment Terms:
100% of delegate fee is due at the time of booking and no refunds will be permitted under any circumstances.

Use of Personal Data:
ESMA vzw processes the data of all attendees to IPI in the scope as described at https://esma.com/privacy-policy. ESMA vzw reserves the right to take pictures and videos during IPI and publish them in post-event reports shared with (social) media and on IPI website. Names and company affiliation of all attendees will be included in IPI 2023 attendee list shared with all conference attendees. Conference attendees will be updated via e-mail and phone about the current and the future editions of IPI and can at any time request modification or deletion of their contact data at ESMA vzw.

Cancellation or Curtailment IPI 2022 by ESMA V.Z.W.:
In the event of IPI 2022 being cancelled or curtailed, ESMA V.Z.W. will not be responsible for any loss of business, loss of profits, or damage or expense of whatever nature maybe suffered by delegates .

Governing Law & Jurisdiction:
This contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Belgium and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian court of Leuven.